Why Hop

It's Friday, you're exhausted after a week of work, and you're trying to decide if you should slam a bottle of wine and watch Netflix, or get ready to hit the bars. How do you make that game time decision? Hop will show you who's at what bars and help you decide if it's a chill night or the start of a bender. 

What's hop

Your One-Stop Shop to Nightlife

Life should be fun! Hop is everything you need  for a night out.

Who's Going Out?

"Hey where are you?" 

"Hey, I'm at a bar"

"Cool, which bar?"

**2 hours go by**

Want to know what bars or clubs everyone's at? Check Hop. Your friend's had one too many and won't text back? Check Hop. 

Not at a bar or club? You're off the map! Friendship and  privacy at its finest.

Join The Community

Life is short! Go out with your friends, make memories, live your best nightlife, and do it with ease using Hop.

Hop uses geofencing so you never have to say where you're going.  Every time you enter a bar or club, you are on the map, and every time you leave, you're off the map. The number of friends you have at a bar is signified by the number in the middle of the dot. Click on it to see who is specifically there. It's that easy.

Coming Soon!

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Hop launches in the spring of 2020

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